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Bland tasting food?

Sticking to a diet can be difficult at first. You have to pay attention the amount of salt you use, or you can no longer use your favorite jars and sauces. It takes a while to switch, but if you know how to do it, it’s a piece of cake! A delicious tasty meal on the table in no time and it’s healthy!

There are several ways to add more flavor to your food. Below we share some practical tips that everyone can follow:

  • Fresh or dried herbs
  • Briefly fry your herbs
  • Wok, grill, grill or steam
  • Cook with as little water as possible
  • Marinate your meat


Less flavor is lost with grilling, roasting or stewing than with boiling. If you do choose to boil your food, cook it with as little water as possible. In this way, more vitamins are preserved.

Fresh Herbs

Fresh herbs have the most flavor. Also consider using fresh onion, garlic and ginger in your dishes. Dried herbs can be used normally, but if you choose spice mixtures, make sure that no salt has been added. This is often the case. Briefly fry the herbs, garlic, onion or ginger before adding other ingredients to release more flavour. Lemon juice is also a good way to freshen up many meals. With the Dutch kruidenwijzer you can discover which herbs taste great together.


Use different types of vegetables for a varied taste in your meal. Because of all the different ingredients you have a less boring taste to your meal and sometimes you don’t even need spices!


Marinate your meat with spices to give it more flavor, this will allow the flavors to absorb & combine well. Some meals and sauces are also a lot tastier after a day of marinating, because then all the flavors had time be well absorbed.

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