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Cheap Grocery Shopping

Many think that healthy food is unaffordable for the common man. However, this is more feasible than you may think. With these grocery shopping tips it is possible to eat healthy without spending too much.

Buy large quantities

Do this especially with non-perishable products or products that you can freeze. Don’t try to get new groceries for every meal, but make a weekly menu and buy everything at once. Also try to cook more often with the items in your pantry.

Look out for deals

You can look at bonus offers, keep an eye on the brochures or compare websites of different supermarkets. There are even special apps where you can compare groceries! Markets and tokos are often cheaper, but not always, so compare the prices.

Create a list

This leads to fewer impulse purchases. Don’t be tempted by offers of products you wouldn’t normally buy or don’t really need. Never shop when you are hungry!


Frozen vegetables and fish can be a lot cheaper and contain just as many nutrients as the fresh products, because they are frozen immediately after harvesting.

In addition, try to buy less precut vegetables or vegetable packages, but buy whole vegetables instead. This is much cheaper. Meat and meat substitutes are also very pricey, opt for legumes or egg more often.

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