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Diabetes and the benefits of losing weight

Are you overweight and diabetic? Then this can entail a number of risks. A high weight can, among other things, increase the risk of getting heart disease. It is therefore important to work on achieving an healthier weight.

If you lose between 5 and 10% of your body weight, your health can already improve and you can quickly see an improvement in your blood sugar levels. Below are a few more benefits of losing weight.

Benefits of losing weight:

  • the risk of getting heart disease is reduced. Losing weight lowers your blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  • by losing 5-10% you can delay or even prevent Diabetes
  • your sleep will improve
  • moving around will be easier
  • losing weight can improve your blood sugar levels and you may need less or no medication. Always do this under the supervision of a dietitian!

Losing weight when you are dealing with diabetes can be challenging, because you have to pay close attention to your insulin levels. Here are some tips to gradually lose weight with diabetes:

Tips to gradually lose weight:

  • eat max. 3 main meals and 3 snacks
  • take smaller portions of carbohydrates and spread them over the day
  • drink water, tea or coffee without sugar and milk
  • drink water before eating
  • avoid sugary drinks and foods such as fruit juice, soft drinks, sweets and biscuits
  • don’t drink alcohol
  • eat protein with carbohydrates
  • eat enough vegetables
  • prevent stress
  • avoid smoking
  • exercise for an hour every day
  • pay attention to your carbohydrate intake

Consult the dietitian if you have diabetes and want to lose weight.

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