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Useful free apps

Could you use some help with your daily challenges? These free apps can be your personal buddy, to give you that extra push when you are at home after your consultation and notice that the motivation has dropped again.


Disclaimer: these are Dutch apps, if you prefer English apps, you can search for similar ones at the Play store on your phone! 


Nutrition & Exercise Tracking

In MijnEetmeter you can keep track of all your food intake. The app tells you how many nutrients, vitamins and minerals you have consumed. It even shows you for each vitamin how much you are still missing from the recommended daily amount and suggests you foods that have that specific vitamin.

Movement & exercising

Sworkit has a lot of different workouts at different levels between 1 and 90 minutes long. This way you can make it as intense as you want.

With Ommetje  you will be motivated to go for a walk and you can even hold a competition with friends or colleagues. In this way you stimulate each other to keep moving and you feel less alone when you have to walk your daily round alone.

Recipes & advice

The recipe app Slim koken  helps you to put together a varied weekly menu and even offers suggestions on how to use your leftovers. You can also search for ingredients you already have at home.

Grocery shopping

With Kies ik gezond? you can scan products in the supermarket and compare healthier variants. You can even filter on properties that you find important, such as low sugar, salt or allergens.
Hiiper compares the price of your shopping list at different supermarkets. This way you can discover the cheapest ways to buy your groceries.

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